Saturday, November 15, 2008

Maestro, Bean, Lowery

We've started a new project in Storyboarding, and this time we got to choose our groups and make up our own story. I'm in a group with Stephanie Marshall, Claire Gordon, and Jack Hattori. It is going to be awesome. Jack came up with this story idea about a young girl during the Italian Renaissance who creates a Da Vinci style glider and flies with it. These are some of the concept sketches I did. This man, Maestro, is the one who repeatedly tries to discourage the girl, Valeria, from trying to fly because she's too young and it's too dangerous.
And I went to the Bean Museum again to try to get a better grip on how lions look from more unusual angles.

During my Bible as Literature class the other day, I decided to try something new and draw with my calligraphy pens, focusing exclusively on value. It was really fun. I definitely need to try out new stuff more often.

Dave Lowery gave a presentation here yesterday. It was pretty awesome. He's been in the film industry forever. He's worked on everything from Willow to Jurassic Park to Indiana Jones to Shrek to Iron Man. You can see him pitching his storyboards on the special features of the Shrek DVD. He's currently working on Iron Man 2. And his face just begged to be caricatured.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Of Roos and Sticks and Silly Wacks

It's been a while since I posted some plain old sketchbook stuff, you go.

The following is not a good drawing. I am only posting it for Claire.
That is Claire (the roo), Stephanie (the snow leopard), and me (the lion of course). We are wack-jobs. Straight up crazies.This I drew just before Halloween. So yeah. That's why it's creepy.
Sketching in church and playing with ideas for the insect assignment in 3D Graphics.
Turns out stick bugs are preposterously fun to draw. Look, it's a walking stick with a walking stick. Ha ha ha ha...ha......
And that is the preposterously long list of movies Claire, Stephanie, and I still need to watch.
Oh, and at the bottom there, I was trying to show Claire what the Mouth of Sauron looks like. Preposterous.
I'm currently in the process of modeling the frog-bug.
This is me and my roommate, Pando. And this is basically how our relationship goes.
I need to play with different media in my sketchbook more often.

Not the best post ever. Better sketches will come soon, I swear.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Dude. Halloween was so awesome this year. My costume was SO MUCH FUN. I scared small children and impressed lots of teenagers. And hardly anyone recognized me at our Stake dance. It was fantastic.