Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Winter 2008 Animations

So here are the five animations I did this last semester while taking Special Projects Animation with Kelly Loosli.

This first one is just a simple box lift exercise to get me back into the swing of animating things. The assignment was just to convey a sense of weight.

These next two are for a film Kelly is working on. I'm mostly animating this guy, Igor. He's the classic henchman of the mad scientist who runs around doing the scientist's bidding, usually wearing himself out and putting himself in danger.

These last two were open assignments. I was to animate my own character doing whatever I wanted. So I decided to do Pinweasel, the critter persona of my sister, Hannah. This first one is the shot I ended up submitting with my application to the Animation program.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Friday Crowd

Since I don't have school on Fridays and I haven't been doing well with drawing people lately, I decided to take a sketchbook day yesterday. I really need to get better about drawing people more often. I'm not terribly good at it right now, so it's kinda discouraging, but I'm gonna push through it. Eventually, I'll figure out what the heck I'm doing.
Random people in The Terrace

The one in ink on the bottom-right was my favorite of the day. I felt like I was struggling a lot today, but this guy really turned out just how I wanted him to.

There were a bunch of really shady-looking characters playing cards in The Terrace. It made me laugh. The things that classify as rebellious here....

The interior of the office in the Brimhall building where they write the Daily Universe.

There was some strange Fathers and Sons activity going on when I passed through Helaman Halls walking home and I couldn't pass up the chance to draw a bunch of middle-aged men and little boys. Plus, there was a cute lil girl too. Then there was this one girl walking around looking really angry with life.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Collaboration, Computers, and Culture

It's been a while since I posted anything on my blog here, so I've got a couple of different things I've done lately that I haven't yet shared.This first one is actually a collaboration between Hannah and I. And yes, those are Digimon. We're geeks like that. First, she drew herself with traditional media on the right, then she scanned it and emailed it to me. Then I went in and digitally added myself on the left side with Photoshop.

This is Croc, the hero of an old video game called "Croc: Legend of the Gobbos." I recently downloaded this game and started playing it on my computer. Naturally, I remembered why I liked it so much, so I decided to draw a picture about it. So here's Croc with the king of the Gobbos.

This is my contribution to the Anthro Sketch Exchange for the month of May. I got assigned this adorable bunny character, NQN. She was a lot of fun to draw, especially after drawing rabbits at the Bean Museum to better familiarize myself with what they really look like.

And this is indirectly for American Heritage, you could say. See, I have to do ten hours of service in the community for American Heritage, so Stephanie, Pando, and I have volunteered to work two hours a week at the Museum of Peoples and Cultures just south of campus. By a stroke of good fortune, I got set up doing design work for the advertising department. So I've been designing the new poster for the museum. I painted this picture in Photoshop to go at the bottom of the poster; hopefully it will be a good eye-catcher. It's one of the "Kachina dolls" they have on display right now.

So that's what I've been doing lately, as far as art goes. Other than this stuff, I've just been working on another animation for Kelly's red-head movie. I'll have to figure out how to post some animations here later. But this is all for now. :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Bean Museum IV and V

Only having school three days a week during this Spring Term has allowed a lot of free time for Bean Museum trips. And every time I go back, I enjoy it more and become more confident in my drawings. I'm loving it. :) Stephanie and I are gradually becoming addicted to that place.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bean Museum III

I went to the Bean Museum with Stephanie again yesterday. We spent the whole time in the basement, the scary part. Most of the museum is very well-kept and comfortable, with the animals carefully arranged and plenty of seating much appreciated by us sketching types. But the basement is very different. It's a cavernous sort of hallway that loops around the base of the building in a wide square. Its poorly lit white walls are covered with glass cases full of very blatantly dead animals. While some are stuffed and posed to look more natural, many of them have not yet reached that stage. The majority of the shelves are covered with birds lying on their backs, their feet tied, and stuffing in their eyes. It's like something out of a horror movie or what you'd expect to see in a witch's pantry. Bats laying flat with their wings spread out, rats with their limbs tied up, snakes and toads floating in glass jars... It's certainly not the most welcoming place. But they do have a lot of really cool birds and stuff, so we just stuck to drawing the ones that looked at least somewhat living.