Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Friday Crowd

Since I don't have school on Fridays and I haven't been doing well with drawing people lately, I decided to take a sketchbook day yesterday. I really need to get better about drawing people more often. I'm not terribly good at it right now, so it's kinda discouraging, but I'm gonna push through it. Eventually, I'll figure out what the heck I'm doing.
Random people in The Terrace

The one in ink on the bottom-right was my favorite of the day. I felt like I was struggling a lot today, but this guy really turned out just how I wanted him to.

There were a bunch of really shady-looking characters playing cards in The Terrace. It made me laugh. The things that classify as rebellious here....

The interior of the office in the Brimhall building where they write the Daily Universe.

There was some strange Fathers and Sons activity going on when I passed through Helaman Halls walking home and I couldn't pass up the chance to draw a bunch of middle-aged men and little boys. Plus, there was a cute lil girl too. Then there was this one girl walking around looking really angry with life.

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Rachel Bingham said...

THe pictures of the chairs and desks kind of reming me of your dad's style of drawing...and the girls in the fifth picture down kind of remind me of Pochantas...but maybe that's because Derek and I just watched that movie Monday. Still pretty amazing...all of it. I really love looking at your drawings!