Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Sketch Dump Continues

School started.

My New Testament and Bible as Literature professor, Brother Swift. And a waffle giraffe.
Our storyboarding textbook makes repeated references to the magical land of "screen world," which it defines as the apparent space within a screen. It then defines a screen as any blocked off surface upon which a picture is displayed, meaning that posters, sketchbook pages, and photographs are screens as well as TVs and computers. So Stephanie and I reasoned that if you put your hands up and create a box with your fingers like it shows on the cover of our textbook, that you are, in a way, creating a portal into screen world. The concept is truly magical.

My new look.
And these are my sketches from Regional Conference. One of the speakers, President Monson's daugher, Sister Dibb, was far too happy to be there. But it was still a great meeting.

Every time I go to Bio 100, I just stare at my professor's teeth. It's very distracting.
My first ever attempt at drawing Iron Man. I'm gonna have to try again.
Some of my designs (all except the Iron Man) for the infamous teapot assignment in Intro to 3D Graphics.




Laura said...

Nice designs, Chelsea! I especially like how all your teapots are animals. haha :)

Rachel B said...

I am probably reading too much symbolism into your new self portrait, that I love, by the way. Let me just say that I love how your hair is all pulled back, and that you look smart, and cool! I really love it. You are awesome Chelsea...when are you going to come and make some muffins again?

Rachel B said...

Amen on Sis. Dibb. I drew her in my sketchbook too, and about 2/3 of her face was GIANT SMILE. She sounded so nervous (probably why she tried to mask it with INSANE AMOUNTS OF PERKY), poor thing.