Saturday, February 7, 2009

Trendy Slang

I forgot to post this one earlier.

Mostly, I think this is a chunk of fail. He moves way too much. But seeing as how it was my first attempt at lip-sync, and I think the mouth movement turned out pretty well, I guess it wasn't a total waste.


Rachel B said...

I thought it was perfect!!!! Wow!

Tyson Murphy said...

sooo nice. my pencil test was so bad, it will never be seen by anyone. ever.

p.s. my mom says we were probably in the same stake, some other cousins of mine live down by peachtree still, too.

p.s.s. i put some animated shorts on our sophomore blog that no ones posts on, take a looksy.

Rachel B said...

There is a little too much movement, yeah, but I think that's not a terrible mistake to make the first time. It's animation, right? MOVE MOVE MOVE!!

I think your acting choices were pretty good, just gotta make the actual motions of that acting more subtle and you've got it.

Ezra Lau said...

ya, well maybe you should just stop making the rest of us look bad with your amazing animations. And by "the rest of us" I mean "me"...