Friday, May 15, 2009

True Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl, here represented by a lion, who returned home to Atlanta after two long, hard semesters at Brigham Young University. For the first week or so of her time at home, she shared a room with her sister Hannah, here represented by a Pinweasel, who happened to be terrified of these enormous, preposterously long-legged mosquito-like insects that swarmed around their backyard each night. Well, one particular night, as this college girl lay in bed before the lights had been turned out, partially blind without her contacts, she noticed a peculiar shadow bouncing around the ceiling. She pointed it out to Hannah, who turned to look at it just as it swooped down towards them, its long, hair-like legs dragging behind it in the most menacing fashion. ...So Hannah jumped on this girl's head.Once off of her head, Hannah then proceeded to beat it furiously with her Pikachu pillow.

The next day, this girl went to a class at Georgia Tech with her older brother, Brian. That's him, needing a shave.
In this class, there were multitudes of Asians and close to zero females.

Later, there was a brief spell of angst, unrelated to the previously mentioned events.
And a leopard.

The end.


Aaron Ludwig said...

I love that story. Dig the Pika-smash.

Anthony Holden said...

That bird's head is wonderfully loose and expressive--you should consider being angsty more often, it does good things for your art

Jake Wyatt said...

Large Asian Head looking down and kind of to the right is great. REALLY great.

Tyson Murphy said...

so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna go ahead and say that i <3 that animation. if that's aight with you.