Sunday, December 6, 2009

Emulation Week Two

Yet more emulation for Character Design...

First, is an emulation of Nicolas Marlet, character designer for Kung Fu Panda.

And second, an emulation of Mattias Adolfsson, a freelance illustrator from Sweden.

And then there was sketchbooking...

Jon Foster came and gave a lecture on campus the other day.


Anthony Holden said...

Three things.
1) nailed Matthias, and I mean right freaking on.
2) red-cloud-head sketch=way nice.
3) a respectable effort on the Marlet, but I think you killed yourself with the pose. His drawings are always bouncing all over with life.
4) you're great.

(I know that was four things.)

Claire Gordon said...

I agree with Anthony on the Marlet, but the Matthias is great. Rockin' sketches as well, my friend.

Jake Wyatt said...

You really did nail Mattias. It's scary-good.

I'm more than a little frightened at your ability to absorb the souls of others and bring them forth at will.

Tyson Murphy said...

i must say the marlet is my fave. but i'm a sucker for Nico.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Great great great.