Friday, June 13, 2008

Classmates and a Crocodile

Funny story. I got an email today from an animation studio here in Provo called Flash Potatoes. They want to give me a job. Apparently, they heard about me from Jake Wyatt (Thanks, Jake). So that's pretty exciting. Of course, I'm going home for summer, but hopefully we'll be able to work something out for fall. It would be pretty awesome if I could get a job animating. What better way to make money than to do what I love doing, right?

Other than that, my life has been pretty boring lately. I go to class (where I draw people instead of taking notes), I come home and read, and I animate hunchbacks and rats.

So here are some folks from my American Heritage lecture. I'm not terribly fond of most of this page, but I do like the girl with the pointy chin.

This one I like much better. The top two are students from my LDS History class, and the guy on the bottom is our teacher, Brother Fluhman, who is made of awesome.

Yay ducks. Man, sketching at the duck pond is harder than I thought. Those things never stop moving. Fortunately, I was able to find a mama duck sitting on her eggs. She was nice and still, though she didn't seem to appreciate my being so close to her nest. She kept spreading out her tail and hissing every time I moved.

Random folks from the ward, waiting around for our ride to Heber for our camp-out. ...And a donkey.

More people from LDS History...

I totally saw that crocodile in the clouds while I was lying on the floor in my apartment, staring at the sky through the window.

Hoorah American Heritage...bleck.

I thoroughly enjoy the Converse All-Stars. And then below that, I was playing with an idea of what Kim would look like as a cat.

This bird-thing was inspired by the shiny white highlight on the clock in the room where I have LDS History. I seem to be getting ideas from a lot of random places lately....

My American Heritage TA, Will.


Anthony Holden said...

Fun sketches, sister Stebar. I'm glad I never had to sit through American Heritage, but it seems like you've found a viable method of entertaining yourself.

Rachel B said...

Yeah, that mama duck gets pretty ticked when you come too close. She used to have three eggs, later there was only one egg, but last night we saw she had four... phew!

Or it's different mamas. But if not, that's mighty confusing.

Oh yeah, Jake was talking you up... that'd be cool if you could come out. I'm about to go part-time myself. Yay getting paid to do animation!

Rachel Bingham said...

Chelsea, are you going to have any tests in American Heritage? Good luck with that! (Actually, you probably already know more than the instructor always were one of those smart kids.) I stopped by Jake's blog and was amazed by some of his writings. I used to think that I was somewhat intelligent...I am having second thoughts now. But regardless of what my SAT scores were, and the fact that I appreciate public education, I still can appreciate good art. And yours is still remarkable. I especailly love the kitty. And the crocodile cloud!

Rachel Bingham said...

Hey, when Clint was just reading your blog, he recognized Jake Wyatts name from an animation show when he was at the State Science Fair at BYU. He must have really liked it because he remembered his name. He says he had on a Pixar Sports Jacket. Pretty Cool.

Jake said...

Yeah, it's three in the morning and I'm posting on your blog. And what of it?

You should totally come on in the fall. It's FUN!! And it's ANIMATING!!! Plus, we could feed off of your talent and steal your skills!!! That's the real motive!!!

NIce sketches. Do you draw differently when you sketch as opposed to when you animate? Like, do you build your drawings differently? It looks like you do, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, rock on. I had no idea my name was mentioned with such frequency on ANYONE's blog. It made me feel special (at least for one post)

Signing out.