Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finally Home

Well it's been over two weeks since my last entry and my entire lifestyle has pretty much changed since then. Spring Term is over, I managed two A's and an A-, and I'm finally back home in good ol' Georgia. It's been really nice to just relax at home with my family after six months of being away. I ended up getting quite the awesome surprise when my younger sister, Hannah, showed up at my door in Provo with my mom to help me move out. I had had no idea that she was coming. So we had a lot of fun touring around campus and generally just acting like crazies. But now we're back home. We still act like crazies, and she's been dragging me along on her biking adventures in an attempt to make up for my lack of walking to and from campus every day. It was pretty painful at first, but it's gradually getting better. We went out riding in the evening today instead of the morning, and it was actually really exciting. It wasn't ridiculously hot, which was nice, and we got to ride this dirt road through the forest at twilight when all the fireflies were coming out. And our timing was fortunate enough that we were standing on the old graffiti-covered wooden bridge when a train passed right beneath our feet. The wind coming off the cars nearly blew my helmet off.

In other news, I've started working for Flash Potatoes remotely. (Well, technically, I haven't quite started yet. I'm still training, but...still.) It's pretty awesome. I was fully expecting that I'd have to come home and get some lame, poorly-paying day job for the summer, just like everyone else. But instead I get to work from home, doing what I want to do. So my work doesn't cut into my home-time, and my lack of a car doesn't frustrate my work. Hooray. (But I have no idea how to make a Flash file work here on Blogger, so if someone would be so kind as to inform me how to upload a Flash movie, I would greatly appreciate it.)

Also, I went to the midnight showing of Wall-E. It was pretty much amazing. How they managed to pull so much emotion out of robots who barely Brilliant.

Now on to the art stuff!

These are the stamps Stephanie and I made for the Museum of Peoples and Cultures. They're having this activity for kids called Passport where each kid gets a little passport and they go around to these stations, each of which teaches about a different culture. When they're finished with a station, they get a stamp in their passport. So these stamps represent the main exhibit (with the same Kachina doll I painted for the poster), the Great Basin, Mesoamerican, Ouelessebougou, Asian, and Polynesian. And now moving on to a bunch of sketchbook pages. I realize you guys already saw this page,'s got snow leopards on it now.
My bishopric, BYU 94th Ward
Random guy sitting across the aisle from Hannah and me on the plane home, a stretchy cat-thing, and Littlefoot. We watched The Land Before Time on my laptop during our flight and holy cow, Littlefoot has the most prolonged mourning period ever. He's basically emo for half the movie.
Reliving my childhood with some thrilling Pokemon fan art.
Hannah's feet, a duck, and my fantastically adorable dog, McKinley. He is big and fluffy and I love him to death.
Hannah (represented by the cat-otter-creature, Pinweasel) was cooking the other day and somehow managed to get too many pots going at once.

And here's my last shot of the semester for Kelly's red-head movie. Yay rat.


Kim said...

I was totally sitting next to you when you were drawing the bishopric. It's good to see them again.

I'm also immensely fond of the picture of pinwiesel cooking.

And my goodness! What an attrocious spelling of pinwiesel. I'm confident that I misspelled it, but it's past midnight, and I have no desire to engage in academic frivolity on the weekend.


Jake said...

Man, those leopards are EXTRA-beautiful. Extra-super beautiful. Way to be.

Rachel Bingham said...

Wow, Chelsea, still amazing! And we loooovvveeeedddd Wall-e too! Jeff even put it right up next to the iron giant!

Anthony Holden said...

The toucan and that dino-creature-thingy are the winners (for me). I even made an award for them.
But it's an edible award.
And you're in Georgia.

So, basically what I'm getting at is I had to eat them.


Anthony Holden said...

The awards, I mean.
Not the toucan and dino-thingy.

Just for clarification.