Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

I went to a special preview showing of Kung Fu Panda this evening. It was awesome. It was actually a really great movie - better than I expected. It was very funny and original and had some good messages behind it. Jack Black really did an awesome job of making Po feel really natural while keeping him funny and likable. And I did like the message about believing in your own potential and abilities. Overall, it was a really fun movie to watch and I had a good time going up to Sandy with my friends, aunt, and cousins.

So now for the art update!
This is a speedpainting I did the other day while my roommates and I were going over our American Heritage reading. It was mostly just an exercise in color theory and impressionism. I ended up making it into a get-well card for my sick Grammy.

And then we have some more random sketchbook pages. Below are some students in my LDS History class along with an exciting robotic bird-type-thing. I like the guy with the tall hair, but he cut it all off a few days later.

And then there's Stitch, Tarzan, and a rat I'm currently animating for Kelly's film.

Speaking of which, here's my most recent shot of Igor.

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Rachel Bingham said...

Chelsea, I got a Kung Fu Poster for you!

Thanks again for the tickets! We loved it and all of Clint's friends were jealous!

We had a blast!