Saturday, July 12, 2008

Final Fantasy Infection

Being home has wrought noticeable changes on my thought processes. And therefore my sketchbook. My productive skill-building life drawings are becoming more sparse, which I guess is understandable since I see the same people within my own house everyday instead of the multitude of unfamiliar faces I'm accustomed to seeing at school. And to make things even worse, my little sister, Hannah, has rekindled my old Final Fantasy fandom, thus infecting my sketchbook with useless fan drawings. I am ashamed. ...But apparently, I still like them enough to post them.

This first page at least was semi-productive. But then Hannah and I started drawing back and forth during church this last Sunday. She drew herself (Pinweasel) and I drew my lion persona, Moth, and later the dragon. Even this is tainted with the Final Fantasy-ness. Hannah totally made an inside joke in my sketchbook...about Cloud.
But these here have nothing to do with Final Fantasy. Yay. This is Rachel's pirate cat, Hobsen Brinepelt. He is grumpy and I like him.
But then we go right back to the fan art.
That one in the bottom-left corner was drawn by Hannah.

I do rather like the robot though. And my giraffe.
Hopefully my next post will be a little more original.


Jake said...

As far as fanart goes, you could do worse than Reno. He's MY favorite Turk, anyway.

Rachel Bingham said...

So, should I still be leaving comments on this blog if I don't draw or know about final fantasy?

Chelsea Stebar said...

But of course. I appreciate getting comments from anyone, especially family.