Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The End of Another Sketchbook

I successfully filled up another sketchbook. Which is a good sign of bad-habit-breaking for me. Back in the day, I used to always partially fill my sketchbooks, then I'd get a new one and just switch over. So I always had bunches of half-full sketchbooks lying around. But I've been doing pretty well with actually finishing them lately, and finishing them more quickly, drawing more often. So yeah. Better.

And I've started drawing my dogs a lot.
Here's the bishopric of my home ward here. Yeah, that's my dad in the middle.

McKinley sleeps funny, with his face all squished and his ears flopped up and his paws curled under. He's just a weird dog. And I love him. But as far as drawing goes, I like the top-right one of Hunter best. He's usually easier to draw, since he spends so much time lying around the house doing nothing.

I always feel obligated to draw something impressive and climactic on the last page of a sketchbook. But of course, as I sat on my bed musing about what sort of awesome drawing I could put on that fateful page, I started doodling my stuffed animals without really meaning to.


Anthony Holden said...

Yay for better! Keep drawring tons!
BTW, I'll be sending your copy of Peep Show soon...

Rachel Bingham said...

I was so excited to see some new drawings! It has been too long! That picture of your dad is so cute! And of course I love seeing Mickinly and Hunter!

You are still my favorite artist!

Kricket's Korner said...

I love the bishopric picture! I think Bro. Lewis is my favorite. And I think the final page is great! I love the moose!

M.R. Weaver said...

I luv luv LUV those doggies!
I don't know... I think Toph could at least give Iron Man a run for his money... Or she could just hit him with a rock. :/

CricketKritter said...

Can you draw me a picture of Luigi?

CricketKritter said...


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