Friday, January 9, 2009

Closing 2008

So here are the final sketches of 2008. Now on to 2009! Who knows what epic adventures await!

Anthro Sketch Exchange submission for December
This sketch I sent in a letter to my older sister who is serving her mission in Taichung, Taiwan. Moth is going international!

Studies for my Storyboarding final and assorted beasts, including Moth as a Kung Fu Panda character.

Every good sketchbook needs to have at least one Iron Man or Abe Sapien drawing in it.


The Rabidmilkman said...

Sweet stuff. I always come away from your blog feeling an annoying mixture of awe, envy, and heartburn. I'm not sure where the heartburn comes from just yet... Oh, and is that a Golduck I spy?

Chelsea Stebar said...

Yes. Yes it is.

Anthony Holden said...

Wait, did you say Ironman OR Abe Sapien?
I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Rachel B said...

How did I miss all of these sketches? I didn't know you had posted them. I love looking at your art Chelsea! Love the sketch of Walle and Ironman of course!

M.R. Weaver said...

Can I say VERY YES to your lion full of eyes and your seven horned lamb!? OMIGOSH that is so freaking COOL.
Yay golduck! :D

Wendy Stebar said...

I love Neal A. Maxwell!!!