Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to be Howe

I'm one of those people that collects "Art of" film books. But I keep telling myself that I'm not allowed to buy anymore until I've read all of the ones I already have. So that's what I've been doing lately. I recently finished reading The Art of The Fellowship of the Ring. That book makes me want to be John Howe when I grow up. Only prettier.And this is just a bit of silliness expressing the determination Stephanie and I have to one day get Claire out of her house again. Haha.


Rachel B said...

You mean you are suppose to read those books? Aren't you just suppose to look at the pictures?

I love the last picture of you pulling the kangaroo out. You are soo good Chelsea!

Jake Wyatt said...

Hey, being prettier than John Howe is one of MY goals, too!

I think we've both got one down, one to go.

Rachel B said...

That doghouse is too small for her anyway.

Ugh, I need to own some Lord of the Rings artbooks. Curse my limited supply of money... and time... oy.