Saturday, January 24, 2009

Floating Heads

My new Figure Drawing Teacher, Scott Peterson, insists that we don't draw with tiny, precise little pencils in our sketchbooks. But he didn't say anything about colored pencils. And meanwhile, I have been making rather good friends with my markers.

It's sad how rare and exciting it is around here to have the chance to draw someone who isn't white.

I've been trying to challenge myself with the calligraphy markers lately by drawing these sort of straight value-based portraits without sketching anything out first.


Anthony Holden said...

These are really nice, Chelsea. Go value!

Rachel B said...

You are so talented! I can not believe how good you are! And I love to see your pictures. I love your blog!

Jake Wyatt said...

Embrace the floating heads, and let them wash over you and through you. In this lies not enlightenment, but hopefully something comparable.

Great work.

Danny Allen said...

I like the hair on the girl in the top left.